Little Panthers Preschool

Mrs. Lisa Samson


Mrs. Tina Gust


Located at Fuerstenau Early Childhood Center


Incoming Little Panthers we can't wait to see you!! Open house dates posted in the letter below!

From the Office of Michelle Wilcox

Director of Community Education- FECC Administrator

DeWitt Public Schools

August 11, 2020

Dear LPPS Families,

I know we have all been anxiously awaiting more information about our Little Panthers start date, and I am happy to be able to bring that to you today!

The start date for the LPPS 2020-2021 school year will be Monday, October 5th, 2020. This is also the first day that DPS is scheduled to go back to a traditional face to face schedule. The start date for both LPPS and DPS is fluid and will be based on the amount of Covid-19 cases in the immediate area (the immediate area as provided by the health department), and if we are in phase 3,4, or 5. I will update everyone if there are changes to the start dates etc.

September 28th will be the date of Mrs. Gust's classes open houses are as follows:

Mrs. Gust AM class 6-6:45 PM

Mrs. Gust PM class 7-7:45 PM

September 30th for Mrs. Samson's open houses are as follows:

Mrs. Samson 2 day class 5-5:45 PM

Mrs. Samson 3 day class 6-6:45 PM

Mrs. Samson 4 day class 7-7:45 PM

These will be staggered to limit the amount of people in the building at one time to encourage social distancing and masks are mandatory for parents and students to attend the open houses.

In anticipation for our open houses, here are some FAQ’s that I would like to answer to better prepare families ahead of time:

What should my student wear to school?

Any school appropriate attire is fine with us! We do request tennis shoes daily however to play on the playground/in the gym, and boots in the winter.

Should my student bring a snack to school?

Daily snacks are provided by LPPS, however, if your child has an allergy please let classroom staff know and you are welcome to provide your own snack for us to keep in the classroom.

Does my student need to wear a mask in class?

No, your student does not have to wear a mask in the classroom, however, students will need to bring a mask DAILY to wear in the hallways when going outside or to other areas in the school. Your student should also wear their mask at drop off and pick up time as they will be with other students and in common areas.

Where do I drop off/pick up my student?

The back double doors by the shed are the designated LPPS doors and will be used for both drop off and pick up. Please form two lines, one for each class remaining 6ft apart. Parking will be on Scott St. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK PRIVATE DRIVES or MAILBOXES.

What is the earliest time I can drop my student off before their class?

Students may only arrive 5 minutes prior to class beginning and will meet at their designated door for the daily Covid-19 symptom form. Designated doors are the rear door (by the shed with parking on Scott St.) for LPPS drop off and pick up. If you are late or are picking up early please communicate with your classroom directly. Mrs. Gust #668-3468, Mrs. Samson #668-3475.

How late can I pick up my child after class ends?

You may not pick your child up late. Our teachers are not “on the clock” after class ends, this is their personal time. In the case of an emergency, please contact the Comm Ed office at 668-3460 and your student will be in the office awaiting your arrival. There is a $1 per minute late charge in all cases, and will be paid before students are admitted back to school the next scheduled day.

What happens if DPS has a snow day?

If DPS has a snow day then LPPS is canceled for that day as well.

Can my student bring items from home?

Students may bring items from home on special days that are designated by teachers.

What supplies should my student bring to school?Mrs. Gust

*Pencil box with child’s first and last name written on the bottom

*8 or 24 pack of crayons

*10 pack of washable broad line classic markers

*10 pack of washable fine line classic markers

*Glue sticks

*Left handed scissors if needed

*If possible, Lysol disinfectant wipes

*1 container baby wipes (refill packs are fine)

Mrs. Samson

*Pencil box with child’s first and last name on the top

*10 pack of washable fine line classic markers

*10 pack washable broad line markers classic colors

*Glue sticks

*If possible, Lysol disinfectant wipes

Additional wish lists will be sent to parents by their teachers at a later date.

Thank you for your continued patience in this unusual beginning of the school year. We are Panther proud and Panther strong!

Little Panthers Preschool serves three to five year old children in a multi-age learning environment. The preschool is based on the High/Scope approach which focuses on active learning, where children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people,objects,events, and ideas.

To be eligible to attend Little Panthers Preschool, children must be three years of age by September 1, and fully potty trained.

You do not need to be a DeWitt resident to apply for Little Panthers Preschool.

For more information on the High Scope Curriculum, please see the Preschool Parent Handbook.

Little Panthers Preschool is a half day program.

Preschool tuition payments are due the first of every month from September – April. Checks may be made payable to DeWitt Community Ed and may be dropped off at the Community Education office located at FECC.

Please let us know if you are interested in an automatic deduction option using your credit/debit card.

2020-2021 Class Options & Tuition Cost

2 Day AM

Tuesday & Thursday8-11 a.m. $127/month ($1141/year)

3 Day AM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday8-11 a.m$196/ month ($1693/ year)

4 Day AM

Monday - Thursday12-3$250/ month ($2125/year)

4 Day PM -2 sessions

Monday - Thursday8-11 or 12-3$250/month ($2125/year)

Enrollment application will be available Monday March 16th for incoming new families

Enrollment is lottery based

Enrollment Application Fee- $50.00

Registration Fee -$75.00 (waived if enrollment is paid in full)

Please note the K.I.D.S. Childcare is a separate program from LPPS and has separate fees*

Payment receipts can be downloaded and printed using Activenet class registration portal.

Tax ID#: G38-600-1000

Please retain your monthly receipts. End of year reports will not be provided.