KIDS Childcare

DeWitt Public Schools offers licensed before-school and after-school childcare to students in the district for ages 3 years (and enrolled in LPPS) to 5th grade. The program, organized by DeWitt Community Education, provides quality childcare by licensed staff. Enrollment is open throughout the school year, space permitting, and is currently working from a wait list. Our State of Michigan Licensed program will keep your child learning and having fun at the same time!

From the Office of Michelle Wilcox

Director of Community Education- FECC Administrator

DeWitt Public Schools

September 24th, 2020

Dear KIDS Families,

In preparation for the return of face to face learning (yay!!!) beginning October 5th, I would like to give an overview of what the KIDS Program will look like in this phase of learning. There are some modifications to the program so please read the following carefully:

  • The KIDS Program will continue to be on a lottery system for currently registered families only (registered for the ‘19-20 school year)until we are back to full capacity (phase 6). If you are currently attending the KIDS Program, there is no need to enter the lottery as your student is already included, this form MUST be filled out and sent before 9/30/2020 at 9:00 am, NO EXCEPTIONS

  • If we do not return to face to face learning on October 5th as predicted, we will continue with our previously accepted hybrid learning families (there are additional limited spots available, please email or call Comm Ed for more information)

  • Drop off times are strictly between 7-8am and pick up is strictly between 4-5pm (to account for extra deep cleaning nightly), with the traditional late fee of $1 per minute after 5pm

  • Students will be separated by school, no longer in cohorts. Each room will account for social distancing practices and space when viable

  • Water bottles will need to be brought daily and labeled with your students name and date as fountains are still off limits

  • Masks must be worn daily while at KIDS in the classrooms with the exception of prek. Mask breaks may be taken in the designated spots in each room, *NOTE masks are not required on the playground (classes are not mixing outside)

  • Payment calendars are now on a weekly basis. Each week is due the previous Friday, this is until we are in phase 6. Payment calendars will be emailed to parents/guardians and may be returned via email or at each classroom

  • Payment options for school age students for face to face learning are AM- $7.50 per day and PM- $11.00, CLT and half days are $21.50, and full (no school) days are $35.25

  • Failure to let staff know your student is not attending a half day or a PM session will result in a strike; three strikes and you are subject to removal from the program

  • One parent per student is allowed in the building for pickup and drop off at the classroom, BUT MUST WEAR A MASK WHILE IN THE BUILDING

  • Young 5-5th grades enter at the main entrance, prek KIDS enter at the front playground entrance

  • Daily Covid-19 symptom check required with student temperature taken at the entrance for school age students (please follow this link for your child's daily check in or use the student QR code at the entrances, paper copies will not be available). Prek students will have temperatures taken at the classroom

In this phase of learning, we will return to traditional KIDS programming. KIDS Program classroom directors will collect the students at their respective schools, and ride back to FECC on the bus with them. When students return to their KIDS classrooms they will start their KIDS portion of the day. Each classroom has a unique schedule. For more information, please check with your students classroom staff.

*NOTE- if at any time during the face to face portion of schooling we go back to hybrid learning, we will revert to the current hybrid KIDS plan and payment schedules(if you are not currently attending I will send details at that time), and the additional face to face families will be accommodate for

Thank you for your continued support, and for your daily encouragement. We really do have the best parents!

Michelle Wilcox

New childcare fees effective August 24th, 2020

School Age

$18.50 AM and PM care-entire month commitment and payment required$21.50 CLT and 1/2 days$35.25 full days


$28.50 wraparound (LPPS days)$35.25 Full day care (no LPPS days)

Registration for students is currently closed.

The K.I.D.S. office is located at Fuerstenau Early Childhood Center

517-668-3460 or

KIDS Program Staff

Devin Sleeseman

PreK-Y5 KIDS Program Director

Alexis Wilhelm

K-1st grade KIDS Program Director

Katie Bengel

2-3rd grade KIDS Program Supervisor517-668-3477

Laura Heinritz

4-5th grade KIDS Program Supervisor

Michelle Wilcox

DeWitt Community Education Director517-668-3460

Parent Information

Complete an enrollment packet to register your child for the KIDS Program. Submit the completed forms and $50 registration fee/family to the community education office located at FECC. Please be sure to print off, and read, our Parent Handbook. The Parent handbook explains all policies, as well as dates the program is closed throughout the school year.

DeWitt KIDS program can NOT accept faxed payments. It is for your own privacy that we can not do this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please log in to Activenet to view and print tax statements. If you do not remember your login or password, please call us at 668-3460.

Payment Forms

K.I.D.S. monthly attendance/payment schedules are available at the K.I.D.S. program sites and Community Education office. All schedules are due by the 20th of the month or before if the date falls on a weekend, and must be turned in at the designated age program classroom.

Please make checks payable to DeWitt Community Education. As of August 1, 2014, we will not accept faxed or emailed calendars. Please write complete credit card number on form or if card is on file, please write on file and the last 4 digits of the card please as well as the CVV code.

Early Release Days

Please indicate on your child's KIDS calendar what your child's lunch choice will be for the early release days. The options are a packed lunch from home or school lunch choice of Grab & Go. There is a spot of the calendar to circle your choice.