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To register for early release care: 
  • Students currently registered for KIDS before and after-school care can register through their monthly calendar.

  • Student only needing early release care will register using the Early Release Care Enrollment Packet, which is attached. 

  • Early Release Care Enrollment Packets, and the associated fee, can be turned in at Community Education, or after August 18th, at any elementary building.

  • The deadline to register for Early Release Care is September 7th

Other information: 

  • Students will have access to purchase lunch or can pack their own.

  • Early Release Care Registration is for all 9 sessions. In order to staff and prepare, families must register for all 9 sessions by September 7th. There is no partial registration.

Early Release Child Care Registration Packet: 
-Early Release Registration Form 
-Child Information Form

-Early Release Permissions 

If you have any questions, please contact Community Education at 668-3480.

Parent Info