Capturing Kids Hearts
Did you know that our staff has been trained in this program?  Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) is an approach to school-wide climate and culture that teaches us the importance of connecting with our students personally. Schools who use the tools of CKH find the following benefits:
  • Strengthened student connectedness to others by enhancing healthy bonds with teachers.
  • Consistent rules of conduct with reduced discipline problems
  • Reduction of negative behaviors  
  • Significant improvement in student academic performance.
You will notice our teachers using the tools of CKH such as greeting each student at the door by using his/her name and giving a handshake or high five, giving frequent positive affirmations throughout the school day, taking time to share "good news" during group time, and creating the classroom contract/promise.

Principal's Bio
Principal, Ruth Foster

I have been an elementary school principal for almost 20 years.  Prior to becoming an administrator, I taught kindergarten, fifth grade, and remedial reading. I retired in 2011 from the principalship at Scott Elementary right here in DeWitt.  My eight years in DeWitt was the highlight of my career.  I have spent the summer becoming familiar with the wonderful programs that FECC offers as well as getting to know this truly amazing staff that will be working with your child. 

My family consists of my husband, Mike, our adult children, a teenaged son in college, and our granddaughters. Mike is also an educator, serving as a superintendent in Shiawassee County. We reside in Laingsburg with our college-age boys, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a flock of chickens. My hobbies are gardening, piano, reading, traveling, sewing, and fitness. There is never a dull moment in the Foster household!

As graduates of Michigan State University my husband and I bleed green and we enjoy supporting our Spartans.  However, I proudly wear the blue and gold of DeWitt! This is a remarkable school district and I am elated to be part of Fuerstenau and to welcome you and your child.  My door is always open and I’m just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.