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About the School

Fuerstenau Early Childhood Center offers programming for Kindergarten students. Our Young 5 students are being housed at Schavey Road Elementary for the 2017-18 school year, but are still closely connected with our FECC programming. The staff at Fuerstenau Early Childhood Center is committed to working in a partnership with you and your child in order to help them reach their fullest potential. Enrollment Information

Official School Times for the 2017-18 School Year @ Fuerstenau:

Full Day Schedule:
8:40 a.m.              Students may enter the building
8:43 a.m.              School start time
8:50 a.m.              Tardy time
3:35 p.m.              Dismissal

Half Day Schedule:
 8:40 a.m.              Students may enter the building
 8:43 a.m.              School start time
 8:50 a.m.              Tardy time
11:42 a.m.              Dismissal   (Please note: This dismissal time is different from the CLT Release Day Time - below)

Collaborative Learning Time - Early Release Days:
8:40 a.m.              Students may enter the building
8:43 a.m.              School start time
8:50 a.m.              Tardy time
12:12 p.m.             Dismissal  (Please note: This dismissal time is different from the 1/2 Day Time - above)

Mission Statement

Our promise to the community is to provide a place where everyone is welcome to play, learn and grow.

School Improvement Goals

DeWitt Public Schools promotes student learning and achievement by providing leadership, guidance and support that directly impacts teaching and learning, school leadership and continuous school improvement. Each school has developed school improvement goals to support these activities.

Through ongoing professional development, our instructional staff reflects and evaluates their current classroom practice, sets goals for strengthening professional practice, and implements innovative approaches to teaching all children. After collecting student achievement data and aligning our instruction to the State of Michigan's Kindergarten Grade Level Content Expectations, the staff focused their energy to improve student learning towards the following goals:
All students will improve in writing.
All students will improve composing and decomposing numbers.
All students will feel safe and secure.

Positive Behavior Support System

We are Bucket Fillers! At Fuerstenau, we have a school-wide system of support to help our students be successful in all areas of our building. This is referred to as a Positive Behavior Support System. Our system is based on the book, Have You filled a Bucket Today, by Carol McCloud. Each classroom has a copy of the book, which focuses on teaching students to be kind, appreciative and loving each day. It teaches that each person has an invisible bucket that holds their happy thoughts and feelings, and the kind things that people do for them. Our job is to fill each person's bucket by being kind and helpful, and to not empty their bucket by acting mean or disrespectful. As a staff, we use this book, in conjunction with interactive instruction and practice regarding our building expectations, to help students become independent socially.

We are using an incentive system to recognize students that follow expectations from our Behavior Matrix.  FECC staff will recognize positive behavior by awarding individual students with a paw print.  Paw prints are collected in each classroom and then tallied at the end of the week.   We report paw print collections through our Morning News once each week.

Part of our Positive Behavior Support System is to correct inappropriate behaviors and support students in being safe, kind, and responsible. To do this effectively, we have created a Problem Behavior Continuum to address behaviors consistently throughout the building based on the severity of the behavior. In addition, we have a new Office Discipline Referral Form that will be used when a student is referred for a Major Problem behavior or three minor behaviors in a short period of time.